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Mornington Peninsula 

Language and Culture Studies

Building bridges    

between cultures!

Why study languages?

Learning a new language is an extremely enjoyable and challenging experience. There are many reasons why you might want to learn a new language—to travel, to immerse yourself in a new hobby, or for new business opportunities. It broadens your horizons, changes your view of the world, and can even improve your knowledge of English grammar. But, that’s not all!


Learning a new language as an adult has significant health benefits:

  • learning a new skill and meeting people with common interests can improve your mental health;
  • exercises your cognitive abilities to deal with new levels of complexity;
  • improves your memory and ability to focus;
  • enhances your ability to multitask; and
  • has even been shown to delay dementia in adults.


Learning another language is an exciting experience for young children. Research shows that learning another language can:

  • help develop essential areas of children's brains;
  • help them to think more creatively, connect ideas and solve problems more easily;
  • strengthens children's memory, their ability to focus and build connections;
  • exposes children to other cultures, promoting respect and understanding; and
  • assist with employment opportunities in the future.