As you know from Tuesday 24th of March, all Victorian schools must to be close and all of us must to collaborate to don’t spread the virus, being in isolation at home. 

The life are giving to the world a hard lessons but also are times for try to do our best: collaboration, kindness, being as more positive as we can, have sense of humor (for example for understand why in this time is soooo important the toilttet paper), and of course, being creative for find solutions for be actives in our jobs and lives in many ways.  

Like school all MPLCS team is ready for provide you the classes by Skype and with the property technology for do our best. 

All of us we are going to slow down, literally, it’s time for read this book that you never find the time, the movie or the episodes than you couldn’t after doing so many things, this conversation that is waiting with your family or friends, pick up the phone and do it… and after do all this things, and clean your house, and stretching, and give a walk to your dog (if you have)…. Then have your brain active with the language class that you love, be still in touch with your MPLCS’s partners and your teacher. I really encourage to you to follow with the course that you -or your kids- are doing. It’s also a great opportunity for learn new skills with the technology. 

For those of you that have the last classes of the Term, if you are considering renew for the next follow up course, or book a new course. We offer to you a 10% of discount over your normal price, while we are in quarantine. 

Also we posponed the Workshops and Movie Nights and will be ready for enjoy as soon as we come back to our normal life. 

All the best for all of you and your loved ones. 

Diana Peral. MPLCS Managing Director. 

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